Learning to
Live with Less
will help to create
a sustainable prosperity
for ALL!

There are three absolute natures
that seem to govern all forms of life on Earth.
They are polarity, change, and the present moment.

To clearly understand these three natures you must also understand
that they are ALL interdependent elements of ONE reality.

Now, for lack of a better term
we could call that ONE reality, The Universe.
And for more focus we could
call it the Earth.

But for the most relative and
single point of view,
let’s just call it:

Watch this video to see your self in context to your home: the Earth.

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

Do you want to learn how to Live with Less!?
If so, you must first learn how to live with less thought and less
In place of that vacuum you must learn to WALK your moderate thoughts and talk.
Moderation is the essence of ecological conservation, recycling and reuse of what we already HAVE right NOW.
The key to this action oriented process of ecological conservation, recycling and reuse is CLARITY!
Clarity is the key to this paradigm shift in how we communicate with ourselves and each other;
how we listen to and communicate with being alive on Earth.

Click here to download an introduction to an ongoing online course for learning how to Live with Less
Being a Layerist.

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