Requirements for the online Being a Layerist workshop:
Payments must be recieved before the client can receive the workshop pdf study guide or any of the online live workshop instruction.
A client must have or register for Skype to receive the online live workshop instruction.

Release of Liability and Assumption of Responsibility for Any and ALL Use of The Casa de Claro Retreat
Before using the Casa de Claro or before attending any workshops at the Casa de Claro you will need to sign a release that says:

Any person who attands workshops or uses The Casa de Claro Retreat accepts all responsibility for their actions while using The Casa de Claro Retreat and hold its Director Richard Carter or any staff and/or administrators of The Casa de Claro Retreat harmless for any injury, illness, and psychological or behavioral disorders of any kind.

You trust that Richard Carter and any staff and/or administrator of The Casa de Claro Retreat will provide all possible help or assistance relative to their available resources to solve and resolve any problem of any kind to the added value of the person or people involved.

Acceptance of this Release Agreement:

The signing of a Release Agreement along with any physical presence and use of the Casa de Claro Retreat property, which includes an area surrounding Casa de Claro Retreat that extends 50 feet to the North, South, and/or West of the Casa de Claro property line and 1000 feet to the East of the property line; any use of its structures, as well as any and all tools, machines, vehicles and substances at the Casa de Claro Retreat will unequivocally signify your acceptance of and agreement to all of the terms and conditions of this Release Agreement. This signed Release Agreement shall create an authenticated record to these terms and conditions.

In NO EVENT shall The Casa de Claro Retreat be liable for any consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages of ANY nature.

Change in Terms and Conditions:
The Casa de Claro Retreat may amend this Release Agreement by changing, adding or deleting any terms, conditions, services or features of this Release Agreement without notice, unless notice is required by applicable law.

The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Release Agreement will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Release Agreement.

In order to attand workshops or use The Casa de Claro Retreat in any way you must sign and date a document that states what you have just read. Your signature will acknowledge that you have read and fully understand all the content and meaning of this Release Agreement as well as the Mission and philosophy of The Casa de Claro Retreat.

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