From every Planet, to every person, to every grain of sand and beyond...they are ALL unique within themselves and unique in comparison to all others.

There is only ONE distinct form of commonality in the Universe: What is common to ALL is that ALL are UNIQUE!

What is a Layerist?
A Layerist explores, discovers, and understands as many layers about life as possible.

A Layerist is a person who knows that the Universe is an endless interdependent web of dynamic and dimensional diversities each with a life long desire for passionate interaction that will work for ALL.

"ALL" refers to as many possible parts of the Universe (i.e., people, animals, plants, and environment) with as much workability as possible between them.

Workability” is mostly driven by the circumstances that exist in the moment of the interaction but those circumstances can work with you if seen with clarity.

"Interaction" refers to an intended affect that will be perceived with a consensus of long term positive creativity by a majority of "those" and "that" which are affected by it.

Measures for what "positive creativity" mean are driven by the relative issues of survival (security, health, comfort, and well being) for "those" and "that" which are affected.

Survival” is best served if 99% of the interactions are expressed within a measure of moderation. Extremes serve best when they happen spontaneously.

Layerists are people who use Fluid Perspective to interact with those diversities as they express each and every moment of their lives with creativity.

A Layerist uses Fluid Perspective or Fluid Perception when expressing themselves in any physical, mental, or spiritual way. This use of Fluid Perspective allows their expression to have its full potential to work in a value added way within the Universal contexts of diversity, polarity, and interdependence. Fluid Perspective is a person's ability to design intuitively (out of the box intelligence that goes beyond thinking and includes feeling), incorporate multiplicity (the human technology of being diverse), use instincts (reading between the lines in a non-linear way), and to have focus through research (linear logic). It is like water which can be solid (ice), fluid (water), and a vapor (clouds) in a matter of seconds while maintaining its common context of H2O. It is an interdependent diversity of thinking that helps a person to understand the interdependent diversity of life.

In short, a Layerist is a very good problem solver.

BEING a Layerist...?
Click here for suggestions on how to think and feel and live the life of a Layerist.


Click here for a pdf introduction to the live online workshop for Being A Layerist.

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