BEING a Layerist is working with the science of truth!
In short, a Layerist is a very good problem solver. Here are a few suggestions on how to think and feel and live the life of a Layerist.

How to solve a problem: The only way to understand and then solve a problem is to embrace it with an open mind, a compassionate heart, and a soulful sense of honesty that will work for ALL. Only with an open mind will the solution be seen with clarity; only with a compassionate heart will your actions solve the problem; and only with a soulful sense of honesty will you make good use of the true value you get from its resolution. Embracing a problem in this way allows you to benefit from it's being in your life but embracing it also provides you with an immunity to it's being a problem if it should ever happen again.

Living life on a polar planet WORKS best when you use Fluid Perspective; when you see the forest for the trees; when you think clearly from the inside AND the outside of the box.

Have you ever seen a famous academy award winning movie that was really special like "Gone with the Wind" - one that made you laugh, scared you silly, filled you with giddy excitement, and even made you cry with deep heart felt empathy - an excellent script with superior acting that made the movie - FEEL REAL?

Then, one day, later on in life, you see a documentary about how that same movie was made and you realize what a giant and complex production it was - how meticulously well it was crafted by a huge creative team of people; people who worked very hard to blend a diversity of interdependent skills.

That is LIFE on the planet EARTH: an academy award winning movie AND its documentary both produced in parallel to each other but as ONE in real time; a relationship that works between the ideal and the real, between art and order, between talent and technology.
Life is a precious journey from the very day you are born to the very last day of your life.

What if life was always "GOOD", no matter what was happening!? What if everything in life was just a simple form of communication that was telling you HOW to live "The Good Life"?
What if every sight, smell, sound, object and experience - big or small was just trying to tell you how life works best? What if every experience was very important and all you had to do to clearly understand them was to see, to hear, and to relate to them in short, sweet, and relatively simple ways?

What if all you had to do to be "successful" was to be receptive, responsive, responsibly interactive and accountable to whomever or whatever but in ways that always added even a tiny bit of value to life around you?

What if it was REAL easy to live "The Good Life"? Wouldn't that be wonderful!?

True clarity requires being able to think outside the box; it requires being open and receptive to a diversity of input and actions; it requires understanding the global dynamics of polarity - it requires ALL of this through a lifestyle of discipline that is driven by patience and compassion for SELF!

Being a "Master"
There is NO final position of being a "Master" - there is only the constant life-long PROCESS of BECOMING a Master.

Know, that the process is more important than the goal, its purpose, or its outcome. The goal, purpose, or outcome only serves to shape the mental parameters of how, when, and why you start any process. But as you proceed to achieve that "goal" with diligence, faith, patience, creativity, and the need for that process to work for you and as many others as possible - then that PROCESS becomes YOU and you evolve into a life that works for ALL.

You may find that a particular process you are living is not working to achieve the original "goal"; the "goal" may change or be modified as a result of the process; it may at times be necessary to let go and regroup with a new process and goals but if the PROCESS does work for you and as many others as possible then no matter what - the outcome of that process will work for you and as many others as possible too!

Becoming the "Master" of ANYTHING only requires your knowing that the process is more important than the goal and allowing that belief to guide your behavior as you slowly move toward the original "goal" with an intuitive sense for occasional change and modification which will serve to simplify and re-shape the process and perhaps even the original "goal" as you proceed.

If your heart, and your soul; if you mind and your body are "THERE" with the moment by moment process you have chosen to achieve any "goal"; a process that will work for you and as many others as possible - then you are as close to being a Master as you can ever get. (The context and measure of "work for you and as many others as possible" means that the number of "as many others as possible" must dominate over those it does not work for to an extreme - i.e., working for 95% of the whole group of those affected)

What is Fluid Perspective?
A Layerist explores, discovers, and understands as many layers about life as possible. A Layerist does this by using Fluid Perspective or Fluid Perception when expressing themselves in any physical, mental, or spiritual way. This use of Fluid Perspective allows their expression to have its full potential to work in a value added way within the Universal contexts of diversity and interdependence. Fluid Perspective is a person's ability to design intuitively (out of the box intelligence that goes beyond thinking and includes feeling), incorporate multiplicity (the human technology of being diverse), use instincts (reading between the lines in a non-linear way), and to have focus through research (linear logic). It is like water which can be solid (ice), fluid (water), and a vapor (clouds) in a matter of seconds while maintaining its common context of H2O. It is an interdependent diversity of thinking that helps a person to understand the interdependent diversity of life.
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The concept of Fluid Perspective was developed by Richard Carter, the term Fluid Perspective was created by Rose Irelan and the definition which is above was jointly developed by the two of them. Richard Carter and Rose Irelan are both Fine Artists represented here at the LAYERS web site.


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